Scent Vibe Quiz

Yo, you’re not basic, so why should your candle be? Enter Zora’s Scent Persona Quiz – it’s like a dating app, but for your nose and your candle. Let’s skip the small talk and deep dive into your scent-sibilities.

What's Your Scent Mood? Take the Zora Match-Quiz!

Ready to swipe right on your scent soulmate? Hit up our quiz and light up your world with a candle that's as extra as you are. Remember, Zora's all about that match that makes you say, “Heck yeah, that’s me!”

(Plus, when you’re done, we might just slide you a little something-something discount code for your perfect match – because we’re generous like that.)

Because your vibe should be as unique as you are.

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For My Juliet: Blood & Pearls Edition
ZORA&For My Juliet: Blood & Pearls Edition
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You got a style that’s all you, so why not a scent to match? Whether you're all about that fresh, clean vibe or you’re into something that packs a punch, we gotchu. Our quiz is gonna hook you up with a scent that gets you.