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There’s no better way to say, 'You light up my life,' than with our Bold Embrace: Zora Gift Sets. Each set is a curated ensemble of audacious self-care, meant to stoke the flames of love, be it for yourself or someone else. Perfect for the brave, the bold, and everyone in between.
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5 products

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  • Zora x MHA: Lighting the Path to Better Mental Health

    When you light a Zora candle, you contribute to the betterment of mental health. With each purchase, $1 is donated to Mental Health America's cause. Together, let's brighten the world of mental health, one candle at a time.

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  • First 50 Freebies

    Fast movers, listen up! The first 50 candle enthusiasts to shop our new releases snag a free surprise gift. Because at Zora, we believe in treating you just as much as you treat yourself!

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    Ready to take the Zora vibes on the road? Grab our OnTheMoveMood travel kit and get 30% off our super handy lighter kit. It's all the mood-lifting magic you need, wherever your journey takes you! Let's get lit, Zora style!

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