about zora

Ever lit a candle that sparks a revolution? At Zora, that's the norm. We're in the business of creating not just candles, but experiences - ones that stir your soul, ignite your passion, and fan the flames of your spirit.

Zora, our founder, faced down her own mental health challenges and found solace in self-care. She infused her journey, her resilience, into every Zora candle.

Every Zora creation tells a story

a saga of sweat, an epic of innovation, and a whole lot of boldness. We want your encounter with our candles to be more than a sensory delight - we aim for transformative, one-of-a-kind, and downright magical.

Reinventing Fire

At Zora, we're not just trendsetters, we're groundbreakers. Shipping candles straight to your door? Yeah, we dared to do that first. Status quo? Never met her. We're all about bringing that bold, sassy Zora magic right to your cozy space.