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Collection: Aesthetic Flames: Bold in Gold Edition

Introducing "Aesthetic Flames: Bold in Gold Edition" - the ultimate collection for those who dares to be bold. Fusing Zora's signature edgy flair with a touch of opulent gold, these candles are here to set your world ablaze with luxury and style.

Each candle in this collection boasts a stunning gold lid that adds a bold statement to your space, proving that it's not just about the scent, but the attitude too. We've carefully curated an array of scents that push the boundaries, teasing your senses and leaving you craving more.

This collection is for the rebels, the dreamers, and the gold-obsessed. It's time to claim your spotlight and let your inner fire burn bright. Indulge in the "Aesthetic Flames: Bold in Gold Edition" and show the world that you're not just another pretty face in the crowd - you're a fearless force to be reckoned with. Light up, embrace the flames, and let's get this gold party started.

Zora: For those who find beauty beyond the ordinary.

At Zora, we chuckle at the idea of 'perfect'. Our products aren't just items; they're bold statements against the ordinary. Dive in, shake things up, and let every rule know you're here to rewrite it.

Zora: Not for the weak-hearted. Do you dare to be different?

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9 products


9 products

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