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Feeling down isn't just a vibe; it's your mind's convo starter. Studies show that being unhappy can increase our empathy and improve our decision-making—kind of a superpower, huh? Unhappiness can up your analytical game by 30%, turning those frowns into genius crowns.


Boost your energy and brighten your day with the Unhappy MOOD Collection. Start with our dynamic Gym/Yoga Bag, pair it with the clarity-enhancing Digital Detox Glasses, and sip your way to vitality with the Heart Coffee Cup. Our energizing candles are crafted to invigorate your senses and elevate your mood. The invigorating cramp crush in this collection is your secret weapon against the midday slump for that time of the mn. Needed for: When you're seeking a burst of energy and a vibrant lift to tackle your day with enthusiasm.

Zora: For those who find beauty beyond the ordinary.

Studies have demonstrated that self-care rituals can boost self-esteem and reduce the likelihood of anxiety and depression. So, like what are you waiting for?

Don't hold back on treating yourself! Shop our selection of self-care must-haves to feel good inside and out.

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4 products


4 products

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Find the ZORA product that fits your MOOD right now. Explore our range, pick what feels right, and let it lift you up. It’s simple: your mood, your choice.


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