Our Commitment

Our Mission: At Zora, we're not just lighting wicks; we're igniting a revolution in self-expression and mental well-being. Every flicker of our candles is a spark of bold defiance, a beacon of authenticity in a world often shrouded in pretense. We're here to set your spirit ablaze with our audacious commitment to personal transformation and mental wellness. As we carve our path in the realm of home decor, we are crafting more than mere objects; we are sculpting experiences and memories. Our creations are designed not only to beautify your surroundings but also to deepen your connection to your inner self. At Zora, we're not just dealing in glow; we're trading in enlightenment. We dispel the darkness, both literal and metaphorical, with our authentic creations that echo the echoes of your individuality and elevate the energy of your sacred space.

Our Vision: We dream of a world where mental health is not an afterthought but a precept of living. We envision a reality where discussions on mental well-being are as seamless and natural as lighting a Zora candle at the end of a long day. Our aspiration is to redefine homes as mental wellness sanctuaries, where each decor piece is a silent nod of acceptance and understanding. By intertwining home decor with mental health, we intend to craft a seamless tapestry that marries physical beauty with mental serenity. Every flame kindled in a Zora candle, every decor piece chosen with care and love, is an affirmation of this vision. We walk towards a world where homes are not just inhabited but lived in, where mental wellness doesn't just survive but thrives. This is Zora's beacon for a brighter, more mindful world. Join us on this enlightening journey.

Zora AF Deliveries: We Bring the Glow to Your Doorstep

At Zora, we bring the glow to your doorstep in style. Based in the heart of Fresno and Clovis, CA, our local gurus are decked out in Zora gear, ready to deliver your same-day orders placed before 4pm, standard time. And hey, if you're outside our hood, don't sweat it! We ship nationwide, ensuring Zora's self-care experience reaches every corner. So whether you're next door or miles away, we've got you covered.

Zora: Delivering style, self-care, and sparkle on time, every time

Lighting the Way to Self-Love & Mental Wellness

Our motivation is simple: we're going to create a modern home decor that people will want to talk about, promote an innovative approach towards our items for the people we

Commitment to Mental Health Advocacy

Understanding that mental health plays a pivotal role in our well-being, we've partnered with Mental Health America (MHA), contributing $1 from each sale to help light the path towards better mental health. Your Zora candle doesn't just illuminate your space; it lights the way for mental health awareness and support.

zora x mha

Innovative Designs

At Zora, we don't just follow the crowd - we lead it. Boldly charting our own course, we tap into our creative force to develop innovative, on-trend designs that harmonize with diverse lifestyles and unique home environments. We're not just about creating candles, we're about igniting a culture of self-expression and mental wellness.

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Feel the Burn
ZORA Me Time Mini candle collection in concrete jars

Quality Products

Just like Zora’s technology-driven skills, we ensure that every product, such as our innovatively prepared candles and its kit, is made to ensure your home is equipped with all the up-to-date items to make it look elegant and ultra-modern.

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Set Your Mood

Embrace the Zora vibe - candles, self-care, mental wellness.